Centres of Excellence

Adding Depth To Your Business

Companies often face a knowledge deficit in some work areas. And logistically, it’s not always possible for them to resolve these skill gaps on their own. Helius’ experience and expertise in creating Centres of Excellence (CoE) can help companies eliminate inefficiencies and take them to the next level.

Helius’ custom-built CoEs consist of skilled knowledge workers whose mission is to provide the organization with thought leadership, best practices, research, support and training for the particular area of interest.

What We Offer

  • Creating CoEs for clients which ensure that change initiatives are delivered consistently and well, through standard processes and competent staff.

  • Accessing competent, certified technologists form a self-contained team to evaluate & roll out emerging/ niche technologies into the client organization.

  • Taking up short-term, high-impact assignments to evaluate issues, build proof of concepts, solve hard problems, and absorb the technology for the client.

  • Building custom CoEs for technologies/ products that are constrained by hard-to-find skills but critical to the client roadmap.

  • Offering a strategic alternative to current vendors comprising of large software factories or OEM product players.

  • Established expertise in creating CoEs for Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Oracle Financial Services Analytical Application
    (OFSAA) and Testing

Why Helius

  • Early-mover advantage with resources helps clients adapt to latest product technologies efficiently.

  • Close coordination with leading product players in the space ensures complete alignment and focus on critical client success factors.

  • Investments in hiring a talented pool of specialised resources help clients with quick deployment and turnaround times.

  • Ongoing investment in training with latest capabilities of the product and technology stack.

  • Delivering better talent and lower onsite costs as compared to product players.

  • Offshoring centre offers to build scale at lower costs in addition to lower onsite costs for clients.