Robotic Process Automation

Introduce Tectonic Transformation Through Robotic Process Automation

Manual processes require significant time, effort and financial resources, while reducing response time and introducing expensive errors. Robotic Process Automation (RPA), with its now mainstream tools and technologies that leverage artificial intelligence coupled with machine learning, can address these challenges and deliver significant ROI.

The Helius RPA Centre of Excellence can assist in delivering predictable outcomes for your RPA program, by assisting you in evaluating & identifying candidate processes, computing ROI, designing solutions that fully leverage underlying technologies and then developing and implementing the RPA led solutions. The Helius RPA approach adopts industry best practices and lessons learnt from live projects combined with the industry’s leading architects and program managers to dramatically re-engineer and improve your key business processes. We do this while navigating myriad risks and seizing significant transformational opportunities offered by the underlying technologies.

The resulting automated business processes will deliver significant ROI and improved quality and faster cycle times resulting in significantly improved experience at a fraction of current costs.

What We Offer

  • Conduct discovery workshops to ascertain scope, identify processes, and compute ROI benefits.

  • Automate initial high value processes to demonstrate and showcase RPA capabilities while generating significant ROI.

  • Build onshore offshore teams that can develop bots for the entire range of identified processes in a programmatic model.

  • Build client specific robotic Centre of Excellence by training client users, subject matter experts and assisting them in creating in-house capabilities over time.

  • Provide guidance for automation along with training, mentoring and organisation change management.

  • Maintain existing processes and handle change management to ensure developed bots continue to operate optimally.

Why Helius

  • Multi disciplinary skilled RPA team that has rich experience from multiple live deployments which has resulted in ready to use frameworks and ready robot repository for most frequently used use cases.

  • Helius ready templates for analysing feasibility, complexity & effort analysis focus on the minimum data necessary to develop a clear business case that is pragmatic and pareto-optimal.

  • Outcome-based approach ensures getting the program off the ground as quickly as possible, getting the first set of bots into production while minimizing the Cost per Robot (CPR) and Time to Market (TTM) for the overall program.

  • ROI based model ensures focus on SLAs based on efficiency gains and ensures design and development of the bots delivered on the SLAs.

  • Cost-benefit include study of current FTE, fully loaded cost per FTE, residual FTE headcount after RPA, one-time cost of developing the bots & recurring cost of running the bots.

  • Ability to quickly transition into ongoing RPA programs that need to be accelerated to meet stakeholder expectations and increase velocity of bot roll outs for the identified processes.