Talent & Infrastructure on Cloud

Helping You Scale Up Your Operations

Companies might feel the need to scale up their operations but hesitant to invest in infrastructure for short-term or mid-term projects. Helius’ unique Talent & Infrastructure on Cloud addresses this dilemma and offers a solution for companies to expand their existing model.

Helius provides dedicated development offices that are not only in close proximity to the client site but also comply with all of the client standards. These offices can accommodate skilled workers that can be either client’s own or those hired by Helius.

What We Offer

  • Building dedicated, specialised teams in a custom office close to the client location.

  • Providing near-shore Helius development offices to house talent pool.

  • Providing dedicated network access to client environment that complies with client’s internal security and audit standards.

  • Providing flexibility of office and resources on demand payable on a pay-as-you-use model.

  • Allowing for extension of TI Cloud to offshore centres.

  • Facilitating clients to treat the TI Cloud offering as a flexi-captive.

Why Helius

  • Proven model with over 4 years of successful deployment by several reputed clients.

  • Ability to develop a custom offering that leverages on existing building blocks and framework.

  • Focus on reducing operating risks to the end client.

  • Allows clients to deliver multi-vendor projects with teams co-located in one place.

  • Convert fixed costs that require long term capital allocation to variable costs with annual commitments.

  • Offshoring capability with our ready-to-use, state-of-the-art development offices