The Helius Advantage

We are Agile.
We are Flexible.
We are Transparent.

Our highly responsive approach to meet clients’ constant needs and challenges coupled with our ability to adapt quickly and seamlessly to the ever-changing technological landscape have enabled our clients to ramp up their businesses and stay ahead in today’s marketplace. We also believe that being transparent with our clients and employees is the cornerstone of trust and a necessary ingredient for sustaining business relationships.

Our adherence to our core values of Agility, Flexibility and Transparency enable us to deliver solutions effectively and help our clients succeed.

What We Bring

  • An agile hiring and staffing process, access to talent pools and a profound understanding of salary structures across skills and geographies enables rapid and flexible staffing solutions.

  • Custom-built Centres of Excellence (CoE) comprising of skilled technology professionals and subject matter experts help companies eliminate knowledge deficits and add new competencies.

  • Customised, secure, state-of-the-art IT infrastructure that comply with all of clients’ internal audit standards help clients to scale up their technology teams.

  • Dedicated account managers ensure complete alignment with client processes and are fully accountable for client success.

  • Swift processing of work permits ensures quick onboarding of selected candidates.

  • Proactive cooperation with international and local educational institutions ensures a fresh and continuous supply of talent.

Our Staffing Process

  • What is Customer Success?

    After understanding customer project success goals, the individual team members’ criteria are jointly defined so that we align customer budget with market salary ranges.

  • Bringing Depth to Hiring Expertise

    Seasoned ASEAN technical recruiters are then assigned to identify talent that is aligned with the client work culture and the agreed client expectations.

  • Adding Breadth to the Search

    The recruiters then scan their internal databases, access job boards and educational institutions and leverage an active referral network of existing and past employees to shortlist suitable candidates.

  • Smart Technology-based Screening

    Custom-developed algorithms are then run on the shortlisted candidates to generate highly relevant profiles and ensure that there are only a minimum number of profiles for the client to review.

  • Selection and Onboarding

    Once a candidate is selected, a background verification and reference check is done and recruiters stay in constant touch to ensure predictable joining. Parallelly, all client-specific onboard requirements are completed with the candidate.

  • Ongoing Team Management

    At the end of 30 days, newly onboarded employees are gauged for job satisfaction and comfort level with their immediate manager. Also, as an ongoing exercise, potential high-risk attrition cases are proactively brought up, employee increments are sought whenever applicable and employee conversion from Helius to client organization is fully supported.